Updated – Now Available 1.3 – New Interface, New Features


Updated – 1.3 Now Available!

Version 1.3 of the Read It Later iPhone app is now available in the app store.

The new version has a brand new interface design and is packed with new features. Keep scrolling down for more.

Multipage Support

Any article that is separated into multiple pages will be detected and combined in offline web and text modes.

paged_web_sml paged_text_sml

Login Support

If you subscribe to a site like the Wall Street Journal or NY Times, previously you could not download pages behind the password wall. Now, you should be prompted to login the next time before/after downloading.  After logging in, your cookies will be saved in RIL so you can redownload the content.

Currently Reading Section

Read It Later remembers your position in every article.  The new Currently Reading section will display any open articles ordered by the percent completed.  This offers an easy way to find articles that you haven’t finished or have read and forgot to remove.

Recently Read Section

You can now browse your full ‘Read’ archive.  You can open any of the items directly inside the app’s reader view or re-add the page to your list.

Quick Scrollbar in Reader View

If you find yourself finger racing to move up and down long articles, you’ll be happy to to find the new Quick Scrollbar.  When you open the reader view, you’ll now see a scrollbar on the right side of the page.  Grabbing and dragging the right side of the screen will now let you quickly move up and down the page.  This functions similar to the scroll bar in the contacts app on the iPhone.  In addition it shows you your farthest read position to make it easy to scroll around without losing your place.

New Share Services Added (Pro only)

photo-3_smlIn addition to the dozens of services already supported, you can now directly share items to Twittelator, Evernote, Tweetie, and TwitterFon.

One Touch Rotation Lock (Pro only)

It’s incredibly easy to lock the rotation of the phone without having to go into the options screen which is perfect for reading while laying down.  When you rotate the interface a lock button will display briefly.  To lock the rotation simply tap to toggle it on and off.


Bug Fixes/Additional Speed Improvements

Version 1.2 broke support for Asian character sets but this is now resolved in 1.3.