New Updates: Updated Bookmarklet, Updated Email/Twitter Integration

photoNow that the two big updates  (iphone version 1.3 and new API) I was working on over the last few weeks are out, I was able to spend some time today going through the small (but important) stuff that has been on my list forever.

Updated ‘Read It Later’ Bookmarklet

For those of you who use the Tap to Save bookmarklet (provided in Read It Later Pro), you’ll know that you can save links without having to open up and new pages and that it just displays a little ‘Saving…’ overlay on top of each link.

I have been meaning to update the standard Read It Later bookmarklet with this same behavior forever, and I finally had time to.

If you already use the bookmarklet, you’ll have to reinstall it.  But now, with the new version, it doesn’t have to open a new window/tab to save.  It all happens inline inside the page you are using.

The new bookmarklet works for all browsers (mobile and desktop) and especially benefits IE users who had trouble with their pop-up blocker disabling the new window.

Give it a shot a let me know if you have any issues.

Note: For the developers amongst you, here is a short write-up I posted on the method I hacked together.  It uses a loophole in the AJAX cross-domain browser security restrictions.  It’s the same method I’ve been using for the past few months with the Tap to Save bookmarklet.

Smarter Save Via Email Support

The save from email functionality has been improved and it’s a lot more usable.  It will now scan the email body for links and add any that it finds.  This way you can send multiple links at a time and having an email signature won’t get in the way.

More information:  Saving links to your list via email

DM To @Add2ReadItLater

If you haven’t used the send a link to Read It Later feature because you don’t want to annoy your followers with links, you can now DM links to @add2readitlater.

One caveat: Right now because of an issue I’m having with the Twitter API, I have to manually follow you back before you can send a DM.  In your services panel, you’ll see a link that allows you to Request a Follow.  I’ll go through those once or twice a day. Update: Your Twitter account will automatically be followed.  If you’ve added your account before today and you are not being followed yet, simply re-add it.

More information: Saving links to your list via Twitter

More Improvements on the Way

I have a laundry list of things to improve in every aspect of the service, but as usual, if you have a suggestion, please let me know.