Read It Later Supported in Bulletin: a Google Reader Client for the iPhone

screen-shot-2009-11-12-at-85442-amThe ability to save links to Read It Later has been added to Bulletin, a Google Reader client for the iPhone.

Bulletin’s top features are:

  • Two way sync allows you to view up to 1,000 unread items on your device
  • Star, share and like items individually from the detail view
  • Create and share notes, either by themselves or linked to a news item
  • Simple offline browsing for viewing items in areas without internet access
  • Built in web browser to view original links without having to leave the app
  • Share links via Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Read It Later and email

To enable Read It Later after installing Bulletin, open the Settings app, tap Bulletin and switch ‘Enable Read It Later’ to on.

Bulletin makes use of Read It Later’s Open API that lets any developer make Read It Later applications.