Version 2.2 – What’s New

Version 2.2 has been submitted to the app store.  Here is what’s new:

Performance Updates

The major focus of this update was on improving app performance.  I spent a few weeks measuring each part of the application and finding ways to speed up processes, improve memory use and battery life.  (Note: Most of the benefits only affect users on iOS4.  This means some of the improvements will not affect iPad users until iOS4 makes it to the iPad)

  • Downloading full web pages is now blazing.  It’s measurably twice as fast and will take half as much time as before.
  • App responsiveness has been improved while downloading.

New Sharing Interface

I’ve revamped the entire process for sharing.  The work I’ve done on this has been released as an open source library called ShareKit.

  • Native sharing with Delicious, Facebook, Google Reader, Pinboard, Tumblr, and Twitter
  • Offline sharing
  • New services: Pinboard and Tumblr
  • Highlight and select text to share within any article

New Features

  • Retina Display support for iPhone 4 users
  • iPhone users: New option to close article when marked as read

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash on startup
  • Fixed a crash while downloading
  • Fixed text documents not saving correctly for offline viewing
  • Fixed images and files not being display correctly in some cases
  • Fixed failed items that continually tried to redownload
  • Improved fast app switching support