Developers Get Together to Make Relego: a Read It Later App for WebOS

A team of 34 designers and developers recently got together for a one-day hackathon put on by webOSroundup.  The goal was to design and build an entire WebOS app in a single day.  I’m honored to say they decided to create an open source Read It Later client which is now available in the Palm Market.  It’s called Relego.

As a solo developer who works on all of RIL’s apps/platforms, I have to say trying to imagine getting 30+ people in sync and building an entire application in the course of a single day blows my mind.  Congrats to everyone involved, it was an impressive feat.  And a big thanks for choosing Read It Later.

If you are using a WebOS device, you can get Relego here:


If you’d like to learn more or help contribute, work is still ongoing:

Project Wiki

Source on GitHub