Read It Later for iOS 2.3.1 Update

I just submitted version 2.3.1 of Read It Later for iPhone/iPad to the app store.  December is always a hard month to get app updates approved (Apple has their hands quite full), but I’m hoping this will get approved before the Holidays.

What’s New:

  • Email Article View – Sharing the ‘full article’ now uses the new Article View and includes images and video.
  • Evernote Article View – Sharing via Evernote now sends the Article View (and images/video) rather than just the link.
  • Added sharing to OmniFocus

What’s Fixed:

  • Lag after returning from multi-tasking
  • Disappearing sidebar on iPad in iOS 4.2
  • Crash when opening Digest in iOS 3.2
  • Delicious expiring login token