Read It Later Free for Android

Read It Later Free Now Available For Android

Read It Later, the #1 Paid News app on Android, is now available in a free version.  The new free app provides the same core Read It Later experience and is perfect for light use or as an introduction to new users.

Get the app on the Android Market: Install Read It Later Free

Read It Later

Over 3 million people have used Read it Later to better manage their online reading across every major platform. It has been called “a DVR for the web” by the New York Times, Business Week, Time, TechCrunch and more.

One Reading List, Everywhere You Are

View or add to your reading list from any computer or mobile device. You can save articles from practically anywhere: your computer, browser, phone, mobile device and within over 150 applications that have Read It Later Support. Read It Later even remembers your scroll position in every article so you can start reading on your computer and pick up exactly where you left off on your phone.

Instant Sync (Push syncing, exclusive to the Android app)

When you add a new item to Read It Later, it will instantly download to your Android device.  All wirelessly, seamlessly and without any manual effort on your part.  During your day, simply save articles from any device or app. The next time you grab your phone, all of your content will be waiting for you ready to read, even without an internet connection.

Clean, Beautiful Articles

Read articles in Read It Later’s beautiful Article View.  Content is distilled to show only the words, images, captions, and videos from an article. This gives a clean, consistent reading experience no matter where the article came from. You can adjust the text size, font, alignment and more.

Offline, Read Without Internet

Read It Later downloads all of your articles for offline reading. You can view your articles even when away from an internet connection, which is perfect for reading on the plane, train or your daily commute. Read It Later can download both the complete webpage and the Article View for reading offline.

Get Read It Later Free for Android!

Read It Later Free is now available in the Android Market:  Download Read It Later Free

Go Pro

If you are an existing Read It Later user or want a more powerful experience beyond the free app, go Pro!

Features exclusive to Read It Later Pro include:

  • View your entire list (no limits to the number of articles that can be viewed/downloaded)
  • Search your list
  • Sort your list
  • Currently Reading List  (view all open/unfinished articles)
  • Rotation lock
  • Volume Rocker Scrolling