Sneak Peek: the new Read It Later

In our last blog post, we told you how Read It Later was growing – in fact, last week we welcomed our 6th team member (hi Steve!) After moving into our office last month, we’ve been working hard on a ton of new projects that will begin appearing over the next few weeks and months.

Ultimately, our goal is to revolutionize how people consume web content (articles, videos, and more). Today, we’re excited to announce the first piece. We’ve released an early preview of Read It Later’s new web app to all users. You can begin using the new app immediately to get a look at the direction we’re headed and a number of the new features that are coming to the rest of the platform soon.

Try the preview at:

A Brand New Experience

The biggest change you’ll see upon loading the Read It Later preview is a brand new view that comes alive with pictures and excerpts from the articles you’ve saved to your queue. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how we can create the best experience for consuming all the great content you discover across the web. The new tile view allows your items to stand out and speak for themselves, making it easier and more enjoyable to find the right content when you want it.

There is so much new in this release that we cannot list everything but here are the biggest updates:

Article, Video, and Image Filtering

You can now see all of the videos you have saved in your queue with a single click. Filter to see only articles, videos or images.


You can now favorite items that you’ve really enjoyed and would like to keep track of later. Simply click the Favorite star on an item and your content will be saved in a new, dedicated Favorites section for easy reference.

Bulk Edit

Sometimes you’ve just gotta clean up your list. We’ve made it really easy to take action on a bunch of items at once.  Archive, delete, favorite, or tag multiple items with just a few clicks in the new bulk edit mode.


Let’s face it, by the time you get to an article, sometimes it may no longer be relevant or interesting. Instead of cluttering your Archive with items you didn’t actually read, you can simply delete them from your list.

So Much More

There really is so much new in this app that you’re just going to have to try it!

Try the preview at:

This is just a preview and we’d love to have your feedback!