New in Pocket: Bookmarklet Tags, Chrome Extension Updates and Support for IE9+

Pocket Updates

The all-new Pocket is just one week old and we’ve been listening to all of your feedback. We’ve just released a series of updates that improve our bookmarklets, Chrome extension and our web app:

Improved Bookmarklet, now with Tagging

If you use the Pocket bookmarklet in your desktop or mobile browser, we’ve tweaked it to make saving even faster, and you can now add tags after you’ve saved something. (The update to your bookmarklet is automatic — no need to add or change anything in your browser.)

Updated Chrome Extension

Our new Chrome extension is here with an improved UX, performance enhancements and the ability to tag any item you save from the browser. We also add a new shortcut key (Mac: Cmd+Shift+P, Windows: Ctrl+Shift+P) for quick saving. You can download the Chrome extension here.

Support for IE9+

Our web app has also been updated and now works with Internet Explorer 9 and higher.

There’s a lot more on the way, and we appreciate all the feedback you’ve been giving us at and @PocketSupport.