Pocket’s Most-Saved Videos: The president, the veep and the beauty of Yosemite

Every week: A handpicked collection of the most popular videos saved in Pocket. Enjoy!

1. President Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (17:45)

The president hones his stand-up act with digs at birthers and the cast of “Glee”:

2. “Retro Bobby” (6:10)

Short film about a man and his retro toy and gaming shop:

3. “Veep” (29:18)

HBO has posted the first episode of its new comedy starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the vice president. (Embedding disabled.)

4. “Pointe Shoes” (5:45)

A short film from the New York City Ballet on the making of a ballerina’s shoe:

5. “Yosemite Range of Light” (4:44)

Nature time-lapse from Shawn Reeder inside Yosemite National Park:

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