What’s Next For Pocket

Last year we started work on transforming Read It Later into what we knew a ‘save for later’ service should be. In April we launched Pocket. Pocket was built on the premise that you should be able to take your content with you, no matter what type of content it is, no matter where or when you discover it. The act of grabbing it and taking it with you should be as simple an action as putting it in your pocket.

The response from our millions of users was tremendous. It validated our belief that people wanted a better way to save all of the things they discover—not just articles, but videos, recipes, images, and more.

Pocket users are now saving nearly 1 million items a day. They’re saving from every major device (Android, iOS, Amazon, the web), and they’re saving from the more than 350 major apps where we are integrated, from Twitter to Flipboard, Zite and beyond. Seventy percent of our users save and view content from more than one device, and the diversity of different devices, platforms and browsers merely underscores the fact that our users want us to be everywhere.

You, our users, showed us that we were on track. Now it’s time for us to fulfill the rest of our vision.

We’re incredibly excited to announce today that we’ve raised a $5 million round of funding made up entirely of our existing partners, led by Steve Vassallo of Foundation Capital and joined by Steve Anderson of Baseline Ventures and Joe Kraus of Google Ventures. They are passionate about what we’re building, have been immensely helpful since joining us last year and now have doubled down on everything we plan to do together.

By raising this additional capital, it allows us to continue to focus on all of the goals we believe are important to building out the future of Pocket:

Make Pocket Available Everywhere You Are
We believe that you should be able to access and save to Pocket from any device or app that’s important to you. We plan to continue expanding to more of your favorite apps, platforms and devices, while preserving the quality and experience you’ve come to love.

Continue to Define What It Means to ‘Save for Later’
Pocket’s launch in April was about tossing away the fluff and focusing on what makes a save-for-later service truly great. We’re dedicated to making Pocket not only a great place to save, but a revolutionary way to view, share and rediscover the things that matter to you.

Keep Building a World-Class Team
Pocket is a passionate team of 8 people, but as we expand we want to make sure we have the best talent and infrastructure that will allow us to grow with our rapidly expanding community. We are now hiring, so if you are passionate about Pocket and the future of ‘save for later,’ check out our current job openings.

Pocket has resonated with millions of users, and we’re excited to continue building what we’ve always wanted in a ‘save for later’ service—with the support and simplicity that our users expect from us.

Thank you for all of your continued support over the years. We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline and we cannot wait to share them with you.

Nate Weiner
Founder, Pocket