More Magazines for Pocket’s Site Subscription


This week we introduced an improved way for readers to access the content they love inside Pocket: Called Site Subscription, this updated feature lets you easily log in from Pocket to access websites that require a paid subscription or registration.

Today we’ve added two new publishers to Pocket’s Site Subscription, and they’re two highly acclaimed magazines—The New York Review of Books and VQR.

The New York Review of Books ($74.95/year) and VQR ($32/year) both feature an expansive digital archive for their paid subscribers, so we’ve made it easier for their subscribers to access those stories in Pocket.

Here’s how Pocket’s Site Subscription works:

1. You can save subscriber-only articles just like you’d save any article to Pocket. When you open that article in Pocket, you’ll be prompted to login to the site.

2. Enter your credentials for that site’s subscription, and then Pocket will automatically pull up the full text of the article.

3. You’re all set! Once you’ve entered your site credentials you won’t need to do so again, unless you delete the app or log out of your services.

If you’re a publisher with a digital subscription or paywall, it’s easy to make this feature available to your readers—at no cost, and with no development work on your end.

Just email us at and we’ll be happy to get your site subscription working in Pocket.

Pocket is committed to helping publishers and readers make the most of save-for-later, and we’re excited to share more news in the weeks and months to come.

-Mark Armstrong
Editorial Director, Pocket