10 Million

This morning Pocket crossed 10 million users.

I still remember watching the number tick over to the first million users. I sat in awe seeing firsthand that a simple idea had resonated and solved a real problem for so many people.

A lot has changed since that first million but our purpose has always remained the same: to allow people to save and view the content that is interesting to them on any device, at any time.

A milestone like this reminds us why we come to work at Pocket every day. It’s the 10 million people who benefit every day from the service Pocket provides. It’s the 10 million people who have used Pocket to change how they consume content on the web. It’s the 10 million people telling us that the work we do matters.

We couldn’t do it without your support.

It’s a fun milestone to pass and it’s a time to reflect on everything that has gotten us here. But importantly, it’s time to be excited about all of the things still yet to come. We have so much more to do and trust me when I say that it feels like we’re just getting started.

Thank you,

Nate and the Pocket team