Pocket 5.0: Introducing a Smarter Pocket

At Pocket, it’s always been our goal to make saving and consuming content as easy and fast as possible, wherever you are, on any screen. Over 800 million items have been saved to Pocket, with an additional 1.5 million being saved every day from thousands of apps, blogs, and websites.

While we’ve made it really easy to save everything you discover that is interesting, relevant items can get buried beneath waves of new items saved to Pocket each day.

Pocket 5.0 is smarter, more dynamic, and offers streamlined navigation and search. We’ve designed it to help you spend more time reading and watching the best unviewed content in your list, and less time looking for it.

Available on iPhone and iPad Today

Available on Android Phones and Tablets Nov. 20th

Introducing Highlights: The Best and Most Relevant Content You’ve Saved

Highlights uses Pocket’s insights to surface the best and most relevant content that’s already saved in your list. Highlights are presented in different ways throughout the app, and are built upon the familiar list of items that is at the core of the Pocket experience.

Highlights for Any Moment

Highlights is split into different categories to make it easy to find the perfect item in your list: Best of (the most impactful articles and videos in your list), Trending (the most popular items being saved and shared throughout Pocket), Long Reads (for when you have a lot of time, like your commute), and Quick Reads (when you have only a few minutes to spare).

Adapts and Learns Your Interests

The more you use Pocket, the better Highlights can learn and adapt. The Highlights section also offers dynamic categories that are regularly updated to match your favorite sites, authors, and interests, providing you with new ways to discover the saved content you care about most.

Mobile Highlights

When you’re on the go, Highlights makes it easy to find something fast. When opening Pocket on your phone, you’ll be presented with a selection of recommendations right at the top of your list. We know your time is valuable, and Highlights helps you spend more time enjoying Pocket, not searching for something to view.

Highlights in Your List

After a few downward swipes in your list, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of items saved. With Highlights, the recommended content in your list will have colorful badges, making them stand out from the rest of the pack.

Streamlined Navigation

The new side navigation makes it easier than ever to use Pocket. Jump to your List, Highlights, Tags, Favorites and Archive, and quickly filter your content no matter where you are in your list. There’s even an Inbox for everything that’s been shared to your Pocket.

Enhanced User Experience

We’ve simplified search to make it easier to find anything in your Pocket, whether it’s unread or in your Archive. The visual tiles for videos are now bigger, making them stand out for a richer experience. And with our new Bulk Edit, you can make changes across lots of items in one fell swoop.

Introducing Pocket Preferences: Discover Better Content from Your Favorite Apps

Not only is Pocket getting smarter, we’re also launching Pocket Preferences, which uses our insights to make your favorite apps and sites for discovering content smarter as well.

How it works: Pocket uses the topics, sites and authors you save most and lets you connect them to other apps using your Pocket account. Pocket Preferences automatically updates your interests in connected apps so the content they recommend is as dynamic as your tastes.

Zite will begin using Pocket Preferences today. Hack Later will launch it next week. You can expect to see Pocket Preferences in more of your favorite apps soon.

Learn more about Pocket Preferences.

Highlights Availability

We’re working on rolling out Highlights to all users over the coming weeks. You’ll start seeing it appear in your list and inside the Highlights section soon. We’ll also be offering Pocket 5.0 functionality to our web, packaged, and Mac apps in the coming months.

Users in the following languages – English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish – will also see dynamic categories that regularly updates to match their favorite interests. We’ll be adding support for more languages in the future.

After updating to Pocket 5.0, we hope you’ll agree that it will be easier to read, watch, and view the things that matter to you. Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter with your thoughts, and together we can continue to redefine the ways we save and consume content every day. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at Pocket Support.

For further press inquiries, email us at press@getpocket.com.

Team Pocket

Available on iPhone and iPad Today

Available on Android Phones and Tablets Nov. 20th