Pocket is Now Built Into Firefox!

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I’m excited to officially announce we’ve partnered with Mozilla to bring Pocket to the Firefox browser, meaning anyone with a Firefox browser can both quickly save and easily view the content they care about, anytime they’d like. This makes Firefox the first browser to deliver a universally accessible save-for-later experience. In short, this is big news.

This partnership is coming full circle. Back in 2007, Pocket began as a humble Firefox Add-on. We were even named the Grand-Prize Winner of the Extend Firefox 3 Contest, which marked the start of an 8-year history developing for the Firefox ecosystem. I can’t think of a better partner to have worked with to deliver this.

A lot, however, has changed in those eight years. It might be hard to believe, but the iPhone was announced the month before we launched our Firefox add-on. The App Store didn’t arrive until a year later. We’ve since seen an explosion of screens. We no longer just have computers, we have phones, tablets, and now, screens on our wrists. Combine that with the growth of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and it’s crazy to think that just 8 years ago, we were finding content in only a few places, rather than across all these devices, apps and a burst of very new, very high-quality publications and platforms that have emerged in the last couple years.

In this new, multi-screen-centric world, what’s needed is the ability to take the content that’s interesting and important to you – regardless of whether you find it in your browser or your favorite app – and come back to it in one place, on your own time, and on any device.

We’ve been building that platform at Pocket. And now, with Firefox, hundreds of millions of people have immediate access to an independent save-for-later service that truly works everywhere they go.

Pocket for Firefox

This integration is the result of a true collaboration between the Pocket and Firefox teams. Here’s how it works:

One Click to Save

The integration offers a fast, smooth, and streamlined Pocket experience.

The next time you find something you want to read or watch, click the Pocket button in the Firefox toolbar to quickly save it to view later. It will automatically sync across all the places you use Pocket, from your computer to your phone and tablet.

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Get Back to Your List with Ease

Pocket for Firefox makes it fast and easy to get back to your List. Whenever you want to come back and read or watch the awesome stuff you’ve saved to Pocket, click the Bookmarks Menu button (to the left of the Pocket button), and select View Pocket List.

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Works Everywhere You Are

Although Pocket is now directly built into Firefox, it still works everywhere you find and want to view content. You can save pages while browsing Firefox and view them later on your phone or tablet with the Pocket app. And vice versa, you can save articles, videos and links from your favorite apps to view on your desktop with Firefox.

And of course, if you don’t use Firefox, you can still use Pocket’s Chrome, Safari and Opera extensions.

What Happens If I Already Have the Pocket Extension in Firefox?

If you’re using the newer Firefox extension, the one that’s part of the Social API, you don’t have to do a thing. We’ll automatically upgrade you to the new (and significantly faster) experience.

If you’re on our older Firefox extension, you’ll be able to continue using it. In fact, the new integration will be hidden as long as you continue using the old add-on. That being said, as of today, we will no longer be actively developing the older extension – many of its more valuable features are now available in Pocket for Web or our mobile apps for iOS and Android. We recommend moving over to the new, built-in integration to get the most up-to-date, reliable, and consistent Pocket experience.

Visit our Help Center to learn more about the recent changes for existing Pocket users in Firefox.

When Does This Launch?

Pocket for Firefox is a part of Firefox for American, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish users. As a Firefox user, your browser will be automatically updated, but if you just can’t wait, you can also go get the newest version directly at: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/

For our other international users, don’t fret! We’ll be adding support for additional languages and locales in the future.

You Helped Make This Happen

This is a huge step for Pocket and it’s thanks to you, our community of amazing, loyal users, that have made the platform what it is today. We’re excited to help provide a universal save-for-later solution to all Firefox users, and if you’re a Firefox user, we’d love to hear what you think! Tweet at @Pocket, and we’ll share our favorites here.

Not a Firefox user but have friends who are? We’d love it if you let them know you’re a fan.

And, if you’d like to learn more about the integration, check out Firefox’s blog post here: https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2015/06/02/firefox-puts-you-in-control-of-your-online-life/

You can check out more of my thoughts on what this means for Pocket and the future of save-for-later on Medium: https://medium.com/@nateweiner/the-internet-needs-a-save-button-db6c8c416038

Stay tuned for what’s next!