Introducing Recommendations: The Most Interesting Articles and Videos You Might Have Missed

Introducing Recommendations: The Most Interesting Articles and Videos You Might Have Missed

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce a major new update to Pocket: Recommendations.

Recommendations takes the absolute best content being saved across Pocket and tailors it to your own saving and reading habits. The result is a feed that’s completely unique and personalized to you, and is filled with the most interesting articles and videos you might have missed otherwise.

In short, we’ve built Recommendations to make it even easier for you to catch the content you care about.

Recommendations: High-Quality Content Without the Noise

It’s a noisy world out there. The channels we use to discover the stories we’re interested in — Twitter, Facebook, and a slew of news readers, etc. – are dictated by page views and favor real-time, meaning great content has a relatively short lifespan. As a result, what’s good is constantly pushed down by what’s simply new.

What we’re missing is a channel where great content doesn’t have an expiration date. One that catches the best stories before they fly on by.

This behavior, catching the best content from the web, is what you, our millions of users, are doing all the time. Every day, you’re hand-selecting the very best content from across the Web, and with over 2 billion items saved to Pocket (with millions more being added every day), Pocket ends up becoming this enormous curation machine.

As a result, more than any other app or service, Pocket has a unique, human understanding of what’s worth reading or watching on the Web. And with Recommendations, we want to use this insight to help you spend time with more high-quality content, no matter how noisy it gets.

Where You Can Find Recommendations

Where to Find Recommendations
Your Recommendations live alongside your List and new stories are added throughout each day. You can save Recommendations directly to your List by tapping the Pocket button or open them to read right then and there.

Where You Can Find Recommendations

Plus, the more you save and interact with Pocket, the better your Recommendations become. Training for a half-marathon? The more you save about running, the more likely it is you’ll start seeing high-quality running content to help you get ready for your race.

Help Us Make Recommendations Even Better

Right now, Recommendations are available in English-only. We’re working to expand Recommendations to other languages, but in the meantime, we’d love your help in making what’s there even better. If you find a Recommendation that’s less than perfect, you can remove it from your feed and report it by simply tapping the X on any item.

Trust us when we say your feedback is going to be invaluable in taking features like Recommendations even further.

Pocket 6.0: A Launch Pad for Awesome New Things from Pocket

Although we’re thrilled Recommendations is here, it’s actually just one small piece of what we’re working on right now with Pocket 6.0. You can expect us to be continuously releasing new updates to the platform over the next few months, all geared towards helping you better discover, save, consume and share the content you care about most.

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