There’s a lot to ♥️ in your new Recommended feed!

There's a lot to ♥️ in your new Recommended feed!

A few months ago, we introduced the ability to follow your friends and incredible curators on Pocket to see what they’re recommending. Since then, the Recommended feed has become the place to discover the most interesting stories on the web, hand-curated by your friends and people who have similar interests.

Today, we’re introducing Like and Repost to our iOS and Android apps, letting you engage more with the recommendations made by those you follow on Pocket. Do you want to show your appreciation for a great recommendation? Like it and brighten someone’s day! Do you want to spread the word about a great recommendation that you found in your feed? Repost it for your followers and give the original poster recognition!

Excited about this? We are too! Here’s how to get started:

First off, Pocket is better with friends! Make sure you’re following your friends or some of our suggested curators. You can find them by tapping the Add Friends button. Next, connect your address book, Twitter, and Facebook to see who you know is already on Pocket. Don’t forget to follow a few of our suggested folks as well!

Find Your Friends

After adding some people to follow, you’ll begin to see their recommendations in your feed, along with the new Like and Repost buttons. Now, you can start giving kudos and reposting awesome recommendations, like this one about the Nets nearly being named the New Jersey Swamp Dragons (yes, this seriously almost happened):

You can also like or repost a recommendation from Article View.

As a bonus, you can also see when someone Likes or Reposts your recommendations as well! They’ll appear in your Notifications tab and sent via push notifications – just head to your Push Notification Settings in Pocket to decide what you’d like to be notified about.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about these recent changes! You can always send us a Tweet or get in touch with Pocket Support.

With ♥,

Team Pocket

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