Making the web a more interesting place

Breaking news alerts. Medium posts. 42 cat gifs that perfectly describe your life. Everyday, thousands of new stories are published, burying what came before them, and leaving it to you to scroll through the clutter to simply find what is good.

Yet everyday, millions of people on Pocket are saving and reading what’s interesting to them – helping us build an impressive library of over 3 billion saves that surfaces a unique and truly human view of what’s good on the web.

Having this kind of insight empowers us to create experiences that remove the work and stress of finding something interesting to read or watch, so that you can simply focus on the stories that are worthy of both your time and attention.

Today, we are excited to introduce not one, not two, but three new experiences and features that will help you do just that.

Browse, search, and explore the very best of the web

For the first time, we are opening up Pocket’s understanding of what’s good and worthwhile on the Internet, and making it easy for anyone to search and discover the best of the best on any topic. No Pocket account necessary.

Head to Pocket’s new Explore Page and give it a spin for yourself.

Pocket Explore


Search for what interests you:

When you first visit Pocket Explore, you’ll be greeted with a question: What interests you?

While Google is great at helping to answer a question, and Pinterest is a great place to search around an idea or thing to do, never before has there been a specific and intentional place to go when you want to satisfy a curiosity or surface the best content around a specific topic you care about.

Today, Pocket becomes that place.

Given the sheer breadth and diversity of what’s saved to Pocket each day, you can now search for just about any subject under the sun. Interested in urban design? Comedy? The latest HBO / Netflix show that’s blowing up? Whatever it may be, the most interesting stories, profiles, videos and deep-dives the web has to offer for that topic are now at your fingertips, hand-selected by the Pocket community.

As you explore, you’ll also notice a set of Related Topics near the top of the page, letting you quickly navigate down a rabbit hole of discovery that’s directly tied to your interests. Hop from Jazz to Duke Ellington to New York and back again.

Browse and explore:

Want a more guided experience? You’ll also find easy paths to see back-issues of Pocket Hits, our beloved newsletter that features the day’s 10 most interesting stories; trending topics like the U.S. Election or World Series; and pages dedicated to popular topics like Technology, Parenting, Travel and Finance.

This is only the beginning:

This is a very early Beta version of what we have to offer, which means there is a lot more to come. Yet even at version 0.1, we’re excited to begin fulfilling the promise of surfacing diverse, eclectic, and high-quality stories and perspectives for an enormous range of topics, making the web an overall better and more interesting place to browse in.

Needless to say, we are so excited to get this in your hands 🙂

Bringing the best of the web to all the right places

In addition to Pocket Explore, we are also thrilled to launch two new features coming to our Chrome Extension that will help you discover high-quality and contextual story recommendations at just the right time.


Dive deeper with Related Recommendations:

Dive deeper with Related Recommendations

Come across an article that interests you? Now, when you save it using Pocket’s Chrome Extension, we’ll show you related stories.

Whether you view them now, or save them to Pocket for later, Related Recommendations let you instantly connect with great content on the topics you care about.


Open a new tab to discover 3 must-read stories from Pocket:

New Tab Recommendations

Now when you open a new tab on Chrome, you’ll see 3 must-read stories that are worth checking out right now or saving to Pocket for later. They’re curated from the millions of items being saved every day so you know they’re going to be good, and the best part is, you don’t have to do do any digging yourself!

You’ll also see a list of topics trending on the Web at that moment. Open them to see the best and most relevant stories on the big, newsworthy headlines of the day.

Tip: Want to customize your Pocket experience in Chrome? Visit our support article to learn how. Or, don’t yet have the Pocket Chrome Extension? You can install here.

We are so excited for you to begin using these new experiences and features from Pocket!

We’re in a unique position to enable everyone to save and consume the content they care about most, and with today’s releases, we hope that we’ve made it easier to cut through the noise and find a better, deeply human, version of the web.

– Team Pocket