Highlights are now available on iPhone and iPad

Highlights are now available on iPhone and iPad

Highlights are here for iPhone and iPad!

Last December, we launched highlights on Android and we’ve been hearing how much easier it is for Android users to mark and recall important passages in Pocket. This is why we’re thrilled to bring highlights to iOS devices today, so you can start highlighting and capturing ideas you read and want to remember, share, and revisit again and again.

Your highlights will sync automatically between Pocket on iOS and Android, so if you use both, we’ve got you covered!

For those of you who are new to highlights, creating them is easy! Just open an article and select text you want to remember. Then, select the “Highlight” action above the selection.

Select text and tap Highlight

Once you’ve created several highlights in an article, you can tap on any of them to see all of your highlights in one place. Later on, when you’re viewing your list, you can use the Highlights filter to see all of the highlights that you’ve created in Pocket.

Use the Highlights filter to see all your highlights

We’ve added some refinements in Pocket for Android as well! The overall highlights UI has been improved, and the Highlights filter has been reorganized and is now easier to read.

Please keep in mind: Highlighting is a freemium feature. Free accounts will be able to create up to 3 highlights per article, while Pocket Premium subscribers will be able to create an unlimited number of highlights.

We hope you’re as excited as we are, and can’t wait to hear what you think! Do you find yourself becoming a more focused, active reader? Are you able to more deeply engage with the ideas and insights you discover in Pocket? Please let us know by sending us an email, or help us spread the word by tweeting a screenshot of something interesting you highlighted today.

– Team Pocket