Get your new device set up right: start by installing Pocket

holiday joy

It’s the season of giving and getting, which means you may be unboxing a shiny new device that pairs perfectly with Pocket.

We’ve worked hard to make sure that your Pocket is easy to set up and easy to have with you wherever you are. No matter what new tech you’re unwrapping, here are some quick and simple ways to get reading, listening and enjoying the web with Pocket.


Download the app

When you boot up your new device, your first step is to download the Pocket app. Pocket is available for free on Mac, iOS, Android, Kobo, Fire TV and as an Alexa skill, so you can download it wherever you get apps for your device. It comes pre-installed with Firefox. If you’re lucky enough to be a Firefox user, you’ll find the Pocket icon in the search bar. Simply click on the pocket icon in the address bar, sign in and it’s ready to go. This functionality is also available as a browser extension for Chrome, to save stuff you want to keep while on the web. Once you’ve installed the app, extension or Alexa skill, it’s easy to get connected to your Pocket account. If you’re an existing Pocket user, simply log into your Pocket account. All your saved pocket items will be there waiting for you.


Learn a new skill

With Pocket for Amazon Alexa you can listen to articles that you’ve recently saved to Pocket on your Echo and other devices that have Alexa built-in. To activate the Alexa skill, visit the Pocket skill page for Alexa to enable it. Then you’ll be saying “Alexa, tell Pocket to get articles.” before you know it. You can listen to your saved articles and stories in the kitchen or while you’re wrapping presents.


Discover something new

New to Pocket? You’re in for a treat. This is the time for you to sign up for an account and start enjoying the best the web has to offer. Pocket is a space just for you, so when you see an article or video that catches your eye, or read something you know you want to dive back into, save those items and keep them with you, wherever you go. Sign up for Pocket Hits and have exceptional stories delivered to your inbox.

Whatever tech you’re unwrapping this holiday season, adding Pocket can be the best way for you to collect and enjoy articles, videos and more.