How to Beat Distractions

Expert productivity tips and hacks to get you in the zone.

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Productivity 101

The Two Things Killing Your Ability to Focus
It’s not only the fact that you’re looking at a screen for half the day, but that certainly isn’t helping.
William Treseder | Harvard Business Review

When to Work: How to Optimize Your Daily Schedule for Energy, Motivation, and Focus
How many times have you started a day on a motivational high, only to hit the dreaded 2pm crash and never recover?
Jory MacKay | RescueTime

How To Be Productive, According To Ancient Philosophy
What Socrates, Plato, and Confucius understood about time.
Darius Foroux

Productivity Lessons from Artists and Entrepreneurs
A few timeless productivity lessons that apply no matter what you’re doing.
Brad Stulberg | Outside

What Is Productivity Guilt? (And How Can You Prevent It?)
Pushing yourself to be productive is good. Being hard on yourself for not meeting every possible goal isn’t.
Scott Young

Managing Procrastination

Why Your Brain Loves Procrastination
Roughly 5 percent of the population has such a problem with chronic procrastination that it seriously affects their lives.
Susannah Locke | Vox

How to Make Yourself Work When You Really Don’t Feel Like It
Do you want to be working right now? Me neither.
Melissa Dahl | The Cut

Tired of Procrastinating? To Overcome It, Take the Time to Understand It
Procrastination isn’t shameful or a character flaw. Instead it’s rooted in a very human need: the need to feel competent and worthy, says educator Nic Voge.
Daryl Chen | Ted Ideas

Why You Procrastinate (It Has Nothing to Do With Self-Control)
If procrastination isn’t about laziness, then what is it about?
Charlotte Lieberman | The New York Times

How to Beat Digital Distractions: Advice from Medieval Monks
They came up with some pretty quirky tricks to stay focused, but they may have been on to something.
Jamie Kriener | Aeon

Mastering To-Do Lists

These Seven To-Do List Mistakes Could Be Derailing Your Productivity
Why you shouldn’t write your list in the morning, and the items you should leave off completely.
Stephanie Vozza | Fast Company

There’s a Better Way to Write Your To-Do Lists
To-do lists come in all shapes and sizes—it’s all about what works for you as an individual.
Kara Benz | Quartz

7 Expert-Approved Ways to Write a Better To-Do List
Organizing tasks on paper is a tried and true method for getting things done. Here are some types of to-do lists that may be right for you.
Virginia Hughes | Mental Floss

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