How to Improve Your Sleep

Expert tips to help you join the ranks of the well-rested.

The Science of Sleep   |   A Better Rest   |   Why We Dream   |   The Benefits of Dozing

The Science of Sleep

Why Do We Need to Sleep?
At a shiny new lab in Japan, an international team of scientists is trying to figure out what puts us under.
Veronique Greenwood | The Atlantic

What Happens to Your Body on No Sleep
In short, nothing good—and just one bad night can trigger a cascade of scary side effects.
Wes Judd | Outside

While We Sleep, Our Mind Goes on an Amazing Journey
Our floodlit society has made sleep deprivation a lifestyle. But we know more than ever about how we rest—and how it keeps us healthy.
Michael Finkel | National Geographic

Why You Should Fix Your Inconsistent Sleep Schedule
Our own bodies’ clocks are far better for telling us when to wake up.
Lekha Bandopadhyay | Nautilus

A Better Rest

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep
A science journalist spent months researching sleep. Here’s what he found.
Sean Illing | Vox

Exactly How to Set Up Your Bedroom for a Great Night’s Sleep
The ideal sleep environment takes four of your five senses into account.
Michael Breus | Fast Company

A Physician’s Guide to Sleep in a Stressful Age
Should you drink more coffee? Should you take melatonin? Can you train yourself to need less sleep?
James Hamblin | The Atlantic

Up All Night
The science of sleeplessness.
Elizabeth Kolbert | The New Yorker

How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Actually Need?
It depends on how well you want your brain to work.
Claire Maldarelli | Popular Science

Finally, a Cure for Insomnia?
We are living through an epidemic of sleeplessness, but the medical establishment has largely ignored the problem. Can a radical new therapy help you get some sleep?
Simon Parkin | The Guardian

Why We Dream

The Science of Dreaming
Science journalist Alice Robb on why we need to take our dreams seriously.
Jessica Gross | Longreads

Can You Die From a Nightmare?
It was creepy to wake up violently in the middle of the night. It was creepier when no one could tell me why it was happening.
Doree Shafrir | Buzzfeed News

Dreaming, Depression, and How REM Sleep Regulates Negative Emotions
For the past half-century, sleep researcher Rosalind D. Cartwright has produced some of the most compelling and influential work in the field.
Maria Popova | Brain Pickings

The Benefits of Dozing

The Secrets of Highly Efficient Napping
Not all naps are created equal. Some naps have been shown to rejuvenate where others boost creativity. Here’s how to nap like a professional, nap-taking machine.
Robbie Gonzalez | Gizmodo

Scientists Agree: Coffee Naps Are Better than Coffee or Naps Alone
A quick nap before the caffeine kicks in can give you an extra bit of energy that might just be what you need to get through the rest of your day.
Joseph Stromberg | Vox

Here’s to Naps and Snoozes
American work culture, seeping around the globe, threatens to ruin the pleasures and benefits of public, communal sleep.
Todd Pitock | Aeon

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