Life During a Pandemic: Adjusting to a New Normal

As governments and communities work to stop the spread of Covid-19, many public health experts warn it could be weeks or even months before it’s safe to relax restrictions on business operations, public gatherings, and regular movement. We’ve curated the best guides to managing life amid the disruptions, from coping with isolation and shopping for groceries to convincing skeptical friends to stay home and caring for sick loved ones. For official U.S. updates on the pandemic, visit Updated 4/2/20

How to Practice Social Distancing

Isaac Chotiner • The New Yorker

No matter how often we have been given such advice, it can be hard to totally change our habits, and the specific advice about how to behave can be confusing and overwhelming.

Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide

J. Kenji López-Alt • Serious Eats

Whether you managed to stock your fridge and pantry, or were left staring at empty supermarket shelves, there’s good news: you can still eat safely, even from restaurants, provided you follow a few basic guidelines.

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