Talking to Kids About Coronavirus

With millions of children home from school and daily routines upended because of the coronavirus, many parents are struggling with how to handle the onslaught of news and disruptions without making kids more concerned than they already are. Experts say parents shouldn’t avoid talking about the pandemic, because children often worry more when they are kept in the dark. The key is to be reassuring and age appropriate, and to make sure you are managing your own anxiety in healthy ways.

How You and Your Kids Can De-Stress During Coronavirus

Deborah Farmer Kris • PBS Kids

Just being in the presence of a compassionate, safe adult can help kids calm down. As families, we can be “that person” for each other. (PBS Kids also has resources for helping young kids build germ-busting habits.)

Helping Autistic Kids Cope

Jackie Spinner • The Washington Post

The world is out of order and scary right now, for adults and for kids, and for my autistic son and many other neurodiverse individuals, those changes can be particularly difficult to navigate.

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