10 Incredible Long-Reads That’ll Transport You to Another Time and Place

There’s nothing like getting lost in a fascinating story — and now is a better time than any to dive into another world. From the gripping account of a 64-year-old woman who swam from Florida to Cuba to the mysterious life of a hermit who lived in the woods undisturbed for 30 years — you won’t be able to put these articles down.

The Man Who Walked Backwards

Ben Montgomery • Texas Monthly

When the Great Depression put Plennie Wingo’s Texas cafe out of business, he tried to find fame and fortune by embarking on an audacious trip around the world on foot. In reverse.

Breaking the Waves

Ariel Levy • The New Yorker

In her sixties, a swimmer revives an old dream: to swim from Florida to Cuba—111 miles—no matter how many curious sharks and stinging jellyfish get in her way.

We’re All In This Together

Caity Weaver • The New York Times Magazine

Tell your fellow Americans that you plan to cross the United States by train, and their reactions will range from amusement at your spellbinding eccentricity to naked horror.

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