Beyond ‘The Last Dance’: A Michael Jordan Reader

ESPN’s documentary “The Last Dance” about Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls has become required quarantine viewing for many sports-starved fans. With the 10-part miniseries wrapping up this weekend, fill your Pocket with this curated collection of some of the best articles about His Airness, including a few lesser known stories from Jordan’s storied career.

Did this Man Really Cut Michael Jordan?

Thomas Lake • Sports Illustrated

For years the NBA Hall of Famer has claimed that his high school coach underestimated his talent as a sophomore. Clifton (Pop) Herring, whose life has been a struggle since then, tells a different story.

Jordan’s Moment

David Halberstam • The New Yorker

In 1998, legendary journalist David Halberstam chronicled Jordan’s final championship run. A sportswriting classic.

Net Worth

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. • The New Yorker

How the greatest player in the history of basketball became the greatest brand in the history of sports.

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