More Than a Feeling: 12 Stories About the Science of Anxiety

Feeling anxious? You’re not alone—and not without resources. We’ve created a collection of a dozen stories that delve into how anxiety affects your body, brain, and habits, as well as the world around you. Because the first step towards better mental health is understanding the science of how and why anxiety works. As for the next steps? From vaccines to psychedelics to video games, scientists and experts are on the case.

How Your Heart Influences What You Perceive and Fear

Jordana Cepelewicz • Quanta Magazine

The heartbeat and other bodily processes play a surprising role in shaping perception and cognition.

The ABCs of Anxiety

Editors • Marie Claire

From GAD to CBT, Norepinephrine to Dopamine.

Serotonin Study Explains Why Some People Are More Prone To Anxiety

Ali Pattillo • Inverse

New research untangles anxiety’s roots in the brain and points to improved treatment.

These Apps Make a Game Out of Relieving Anxiety. They May Be Onto Something.

Sigal Samuel • Vox

Popular apps are awarding points for beating “bad guys” and completing “power-ups” — and drawing from real, clinically approved treatments.

Michael Pollan: Can Psychedelics Save the World?

Mateo Hoke • Rolling Stone

With ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma,’ he changed the way we approach our food—now, he could transform how America thinks of psychedelics.

What Anxiety Does to Your Brain and What You Can Do About It

Alan Henry • Lifehacker

Let’s talk about what exactly is going on in your brain when anxiety strikes, how it impacts us and then what we can do about it, with the help of some experts.

The Vaccine That Could Prevent Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Shayla Love • Vice

As mental health disorders run rampant, scientists are trying to make an immunization from bacteria that could help.

Anatomy 101: The Brain Science Behind Meditation

Ann Swanson • Yoga Journal

Sitting on your cushion can help your brain stay sharp as you age, and improve memory and focus. Here’s how.

The Neuroscience Behind Why We Feel Stressed – and What To Do About It

Daniel J. Levitin • Thrive Global

“The same stress hormones that are essential for survival can have damaging effects on both physical and mental health if they are secreted over a longer period of time.”

Is Chronic Anxiety a Learning Disorder?

Daniel Barron • Scientific American

Some psychiatrists think it might be, but the data are still too sparse to be sure.

You’re Doomscrolling Again. Here’s How to Snap Out of It.

Brian X. Chen • The New York Times

In a pandemic that forces us to stay home, bingeing on doom-and-gloom news feels irresistible. These health experts offer ways to break the habit.

Worried Well

Charlie Kurth • Aeon

Since ancient times philosophy has tried to cure us of anxiety. But worry is an important part of being a moral person.

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