What to Expect in 1.2 (coming very soon)

Version 1.2 of the iPhone app will bring a large number of improvements.  The main focus is speed, compatibility, and usibility.

In terms of speed:

  • Downloading the offline web view is now 2-5 times faster.
  • Downloading the text only view is 10 times faster.

In terms of compatibility:

  • Almost 99% of the websites I’ve tested appear almost exactly the same as the online view.  Every site users have reported to me now work.
  • The text view script has been rewritten and will work much better and for a larger number of sites.
  • Multi-page support.  If there is a site that breaks your content over multiple pages, Read It Later will detect it and combine them!

In terms of usability:

  • A number of interface tweaks to improve how you react with the app.

There are some other features that are in the works.  I will make another announcement when the app is submitted to the review process.