2.0 Updates to Firefox and the iPhone

Thank you everyone for all of the feedback since the 2.0 release.

Firefox Extension Version 2.0.2

I just pushed out version 2.0.2 of the Firefox extension. This new version brings back a few old features from 0.9 in addition to important bug fixes:

  • ‘X days ago’ is available as an option in the list view again.
  • Right click to save a page for later is back.
  • Users with master passwords can now opt to save their password differently so they can skip the prompt at startup.
  • Fixed text-view encoding issues with non-english character sets.
  • Fixed url not appearing in status bar on compact list view

iPhone Version 2.0.1

I submitted this version shortly after 2.0.0 was approved and it contains a number minor bug and crash fixes.  I expect it to be available soon.

Have an awesome holiday weekend!