Digest Updates: New Features, New Price

screen-shot-2010-04-02-at-34751-pmIn case you missed them, I’ve made a number of major updates to Digest this week.

Uncategorized List

A new tab is available alongside your topics that will pull from all of the items in your list.  This is useful in case your selected topics do not cover every single item you’ve saved.

Tag Support

Digest now works with your existing Read It Later tags.  For example, if you define a topic with the keyword ‘productivity’, any items you tag with that keyword will appear in your custom topic.

Domain Support

You can now include domains in your custom topic definitions.  For example, if you create a topic with the keyword ‘google.com’, any item from google.com will appear in your custom topic.

Miscategorized Items

You can now flag items as miscategorized.  Digest can learn from its mistakes and use the data to become smarter in the future.  After miscategorizing an item, you can opt to move it to another topic.

Beta Pricing

While Digest is in beta, I’m running an early introductory price of $5.  This is a one-time purchase and will give you access to Digest for as long as you use Read It Later.  This one-time purchase also applies to any RIL app that adds Digest support.  This means that when Digest comes to the iPhone and iPad, if you already have a Digest account, you won’t have to pay again to use it on each app.  Get It Now!

If you want to try it for free, you can also request a free trial invite.

1. Users who paid more than $5 when Digest was first released have already had the difference refunded.
2. If you are already a Digest user, domain support may only work on items from today onward.  To get around this, add an additional keyword of the domain w/o any periods.  For example: google.com, googlecom