Let’s See Those Digests!

It has been great seeing users posting screens of their Digests on Twitter.  They look incredible!  It’s awesome to see how different users’ Digest can look.  Even better, I’m glad to see users already creating their own custom topics.

If you’d care to share, I’d love to see how your Digest looks!  Thanks to all of those who have shared theirs already.

How to Share Even Further

Beyond just posting a screenshot, if you are interested in sharing your Digest with your friends, you can make it public and send out a permanent link.  Even if you bought Digest on the iPad, you can access it on the web at http://getpocket.com/d/.  Once you are there, click the ‘Share’ link in the top for further instructions.

Posted Screenshots

Here is a random sampling of Digest screenshots I’ve seen posted on Twitter:

via @tokerud

via @Lightbring3r

via @othylmann

via @fotomaf

via @stevestreza