Introducing Read It Later Trends

Over the past 3 years, Read It Later has grown to be one of the world’s largest digital reading platforms.  Users have saved over 100 million articles and spent a combined 2.5 million hours reading last year in the iPhone and iPad apps alone.

This has created a pile of data.

As I explored this data in an effort to better understand how users were using RIL, I discovered a lot of really interesting insights into how the web, mobile and content spaces are changing.  Recent changes in these spaces are frequently dissected in the press, but often with little data. With access to such a tremendous dataset, I wanted to start providing that data and hopefully start answering the questions we all have.

After a lot of digging, typing and regret over closing my eyes through a few math classes, I’d like to introduce the new Trends series.  Today’s inaugural post is the one closest to Read It Later’s heart and attempts to answer the simple question: When are people reading?

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A Quick Word on User Privacy

User privacy is incredibly important to me.  I want to make it very clear how user data is being used here (or more appropriately how it is NOT being used).  Trends only looks at generalized patterns regarding reading and never at any specific user’s data.  No individual user or reading list is viewed to compile these posts.  No specific user will ever be highlighted in one of these posts.  If you have any concerns about privacy, please read RIL’s privacy policy and do not hesitate to contact me.