Read It Later Now a Part of 250+ Apps

This week Read It Later passed a major milestone.  You can now use Read It Later with over 250 applications across every major platform.

Part of Read It Later’s mission is to be accessible no matter where you are, what device your using, or even what application you’re in.  To this end, RIL provides an open API that makes it easy for other developers to push and pull RIL data into their own applications.  Over 4,500 developer projects have been created on the API: some private, 256 now public, and a ton of really cool projects under active development.

If you have not already, pore over Read It Later’s App Directory to find applications that help you get the most out of your Read It Later experience.  There are apps for your computer, phone, tablet, Kindle, and more.

Explore all 250 Apps in the App Directory

Some Popular Categories


Some of the most useful applications that support RIL are news readers.  These apps are all fantastic tools for discovering new content and all have the option to save articles directly into your reading list.  Some, like Zite, can even leverage your existing list to learn the types of content you like!

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Did you know that as you scan through your Twitter stream, most Twitter apps allow you to save the links you come across right to your Read It Later list?

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Find apps on every platform from iPhone, iPad, Android, WebOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Symbian.


Outside of apps for every major browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari, you can even find apps for your desktop!

A Lot More…

Explore all 250 Apps in the App Directory