Read It Later’s Most-Saved Videos of the Week

New every Friday: A handpicked collection of the most popular videos saved in Read It Later. Enjoy!

1. “A 50-Point Plan to Wreck Your Career or Save It” (51:56)

Influential designer Aaron James Draplin curses like a trucker while he offers some heartfelt career advice in this presentation at Portland’s Creative Mornings.

2. “Luminaris” (6:15)

A playful, magical stop-motion animated film by Juan Pablo Zaramella about a couple who create light together.

3. “Silver & Light” (9:19)

Photographer Ian Ruhter’s travels around America, using wet-plate photography and “the world’s largest camera.”

4. “Successful Alcoholics” (25:13)

A 2010 short film about a hard-drinking couple, and the decision one of them finally makes.

5. “10 Lessons I Learned from Steve Jobs” (21:03)

Guy Kawasaki, Apple’s former chief evangelist turned author and entrepreneur, speaks to TEDx Harker School in Nov. 2011 (shortly after Jobs’s death) about what he learned from his former boss.

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