Pocket’s Most-Saved Videos: Clay Christensen, bottle openers, and a real-time horror film

Every week: A handpicked collection of the most popular videos saved in Pocket. Enjoy!

1. “Tell” (32:47)

(Warning: Graphic) From Short of the Week, a real-time horror film by Ryan Connolly about a man who tries to get away with murder:

2. “Create a Life with Purpose” (8:20)

Author and Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen on his new book How Will You Measure Your Life?

3. “Bottle Cap Blues” (1:58)

Don’t try most of these at home: The art of opening a beer bottle with a pizza, an iPod and your own belly button:

4. “Create” (2:09)

An animated short by Dan MacKenzie about a boy and his imagination:

5. “Perfume Desktop Disco” (1:11)

Daihei Shibata’s choreographed animated music video:

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