Introducing the New Pocket API for Developers and Publishers


It has been an incredible year for Pocket: We’ve grown to more than 6 million users, and we’ve expanded to new platforms including Mac, Chrome and Safari, in addition to our iOS, Android and Kindle Fire apps.

But we couldn’t have done it without you. We now have 10,000 developers integrating their apps and sites with Pocket, and 45% of Pocket’s more than 1 million daily saves come from third-party apps.

“Save to Pocket” is now a core part of the user experience inside the most popular apps and websites—from Twitter and Flipboard to Tweetbot, DiggBuzzFeed and more. And in content-focused apps like Zite, Pocket is often one of the most-used share services, alongside Twitter and Facebook.

Today we’re introducing the new Pocket API, which makes it even easier for developers and publishers to put Pocket to work in their own apps—and to do so in more powerful ways.

Start Building with the New Pocket API

What’s In the Pocket API

Our new API includes easy integration and access to the great Pocket features available in our native apps. Here’s what’s new:

• Quick authentication: With OAuth 2, users can connect to Pocket with just two taps and without having to enter their username and password.
• Drop-in iOS/Mac SDK: With just a few lines of code, you can drop Pocket’s all new Objective-C SDK into your app, which manages authentication, performs API requests, and provides access to all of the new API features. (See our video demo below.)
• New API Features: Developers and publishers can access all of Pocket’s most up-to-date features, including favorites, content type filters, more robust tagging, and domain searches.
• New developer portal: We have a new developer site with improved documentation including step-by-step implementation instructions and examples.

What Developers Are Saying About the Pocket API

“‘Save for later’ has become an essential part of mobile news consumption, and I wouldn’t even consider launching a news app without Pocket integration.” -Mike Klaas, co-founder, Zite

“Pocket integration continues to be one of most asked-for features in the new Digg, and the new SDK made implementation super easy!” -Jake Levine, general manager, Digg

“Saving articles to Pocket is a must-have feature for a content-driven application like Readingly. And Pocket users are some of the most engaged users we have.” -Alex Kristofcak, founder, Readingly

“Save-for-later support is an important feature for TweetCaster, which makes integrating with Pocket essential. From a development perspective the new API and iOS SDK couldn’t have been easier to implement and we think our users will appreciate how seamless the integration is.” -Evan Conway, president of OneLouder Apps

Get Started Now 

Developers can get started immediately with the Pocket API: Just sign up here and start building.

More Resources: Pocket SDK Demo

Pocket Objective-C SDK Screencast from Pocket on Vimeo.