Hack Later Now Offers a Suggested Feed, Powered by Pocket Preferences

Hack Later, a beautiful Hacker News client for iOS, now offers a suggested feed that’s personalized with the tech stories you’ll likely be interested in.

It’s powered by Pocket Preferences, a new way for Pocket users to bring their preferred topics, sites, and authors to their favorite apps. For apps, it offers the fastest, most powerful way to get new users started and improve retention and engagement.

In the past, this kind of personalization was something only big companies could accomplish. With Pocket Preferences, Mert Dumenci and Ed Wellbrook were able to do this in a matter of weeks.

Here’s what Ed Wellbrook, Founder at Brushed Type, had to say about Pocket Preferences.

“With Pocket Preferences we’ve been able to add suggested reading in a fraction of the time and cost of building a platform ourselves. We love that we can use users’ interests from their entire range of reading and not just from Hacker News.”

Learn more about the Pocket Preferences API or by heading to our Developer page.

If you love Hacker News and Pocket, there is no better combination than Hack Later.

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