Building Pocket for the Future

In the last 3 years, over 22 million people have saved more than 2 billion articles and videos to Pocket. They’ve used Pocket to capture the stories that matter to them, to learn and grow in their careers, and to be inspired and entertained. We are humbled by this, and are committed to making Pocket a unique place where you can find, save, and recommend the stories that interest you for many years to come.

We have a strong vision for the future, and one of the biggest keys to seeing it through is to continue to build Pocket as a business. Pocket Premium was the first piece of this, and in the coming weeks, you may see us begin experimenting with a second piece: showing you the occasional sponsored post inside Pocket.

While testing will be slow and small to start, let me emphasize that sponsored content will be:

  • High-quality. Pocket is a place for high-quality content and sponsored posts are no exception to this. Our aim is that these posts, and the content within them, will feel natural to your Pocket experience, and will also be things you’re interested in reading and watching to boot.
  • Transparent. Sponsored posts will be clearly marked to differentiate them from other items you see in Pocket.
  • Dependent on your feedback. As we experiment with sponsored posts, we are hyper-focused on making sure that it’s done with you in mind. Tell us what you like and tell us what you don’t (our doors are always open at so we can improve sponsored content within Pocket together.
  • In your control. If you see a sponsored post you’re not a fan of, you’ll be able to hide it and give us feedback so we can make it better. If you want to remove sponsored content altogether, Pocket Premium lets you support Pocket’s development and gives you access to additional features, such as an ad-free experience.
  • Protecting your privacy. Your data is something we protect fiercely, and no sponsor will ever have access to what you save and do inside Pocket.

We continue to grow as both a product and a company, but one thing hasn’t changed: our passion for building something people love, and the respect we have for you, our users. We’re going to be very thoughtful in our approach here, and at the end of the day, we wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you for being part of our journey. We look forward to making Pocket a place for great content for years to come!

If you have more questions, or want to share your feedback with us, please click here to view our FAQ and get in touch.

– Nate + Team Pocket