2018’s must-reads on Pocket

It’s been an exciting year here at Pocket, and we want to say thank you for continuing on this journey with us. There is so much incredible content on the web today—articles that inform and inspire us, stories that move and motivate us, and videos that make us cry with laughter and push us to be better. And we know there’s so much you want to read, soak up, and learn. We’re honored and grateful that you’ve made Pocket your place to spend time with all of the things that matter to you.

At the end of each year, we pull together the “best” stories of the year—the items that people are Pocketing, reading, sharing, and hanging on to for the future. This list represents the most-read and most-watched of the 283 million unique items that people saved in Pocket this year. As you’ll see, Pocket users had an eye for sharp writing, great storytelling, and powerful journalism in 2018. We think you’ll love this collection of stories to save and read in Pocket.

And in case you missed anything this year, keep reading below for new product highlights—and for a way to show your Pocket-love.



The Pocket team has been busy this year, and it feels great to know we’ve improved something that many of you tell us is an essential part of your life. In case you missed it…

  • We launched a new version of Pocket with an updated look and feel, an uncluttered reading experience, and an enhanced dark mode for nighttime reading. And best of all, you can listen to all of your saved articles with a human-sounding voice. Try listening while you do your holiday prep and put your ears to work while the rest of you is busy.
  • Pocket now has an Alexa skill. Get it started and ask Alexa to read your Pocket articles while you’re cooking or doing chores around the house.
  • We also added our two most-requested features earlier this year—highlighting and estimated reading times.
  • Are you a Slack user? Add Pocket to your Slack workspace, then capture all the great content being shared by your colleagues.
  • Do you have an Amazon Fire TV device? If you download the Firefox for Fire TV app, you can watch Pocket-recommended videos from places like YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Pocket also powers the article recommendations in the Firefox browser’s new tab. If you’re not a Firefox user yet, start 2019 right with more privacy, speed, and incredible Pocket content recommendations.

So what’s coming next year? Continued investment in the things that power you, fuel you, and feed your mind. Pocket will surface and share even more content that’s worth your time and attention. And we will continue to update the Pocket app so you’ll always have an exceptional reading and listening experience across your devices.

Please tell a friend about Pocket in 2019. Or tell the world right now by tweeting @Pocket and tell us the role Pocket plays in your life.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us!


– Team Pocket


Top Reads
Save these great stories—and read, watch, or listen to them in Pocket!

How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You)
Tim Urban, Wait But Why

The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have about Eating Right
Mark Bittman and David L. Katz, Grub Street

Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble
Steven Johnson, New York Times


Great Listens
Save these stories and listen to them in Pocket.

A Kingdom from Dust
Mark Arax, California Sunday

It’s Story Time
Joel Embiid, Players Tribune

The Most Adventurous Eater in America
Dana Goodyear, The New Yorker


Top Videos

Jordan Peterson Debate on the Gender Pay Gap, Campus Protests, and Postmodernism
Channel 4 News

This is America (Official Video)
Childish Gambino

Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke
The Late Late Show with James Corden