What does it mean to be a mother today?

There’s no one correct way to be a mother. It’s an incredibly common experience that’s also deeply personal, and this makes motherhood ripe for discussion among many writers and thinkers. Pocket readers have devoured hundreds of articles on the subject, and in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re sharing a few of our faves.

Motherhood Isn’t Sacrifice, It’s Selfishness

Karen Rinaldi, New York Times
Is motherhood a job? Or is it a privilege rooted in the desire to further one’s existence? Author Karen Rinaldi explores the sensitive subject of a mother’s ownership over her role in procreation and family life. Whether you agree with her position or not, it’s a fascinating read.

Game of Crones

Laura Lippman, Longreads
It’s never a bad idea to refrain from commenting on a stranger’s relationship to their child. As Laura Lippman’s story proves, you just might be speaking to the parent, not the grandparent, or vice versa. Lippman shares her experience as a new mom at 51—and all the social commentary that came with it.

Kids and an Exciting Mountain Career? It’s Complicated

Cassidy Randall, Outside
Many mothers balance work and life, but most don’t do it on the side of a mountain. Outside interviewed several top female skiers and mountaineers about their decision to raise kids without giving up on their professional dreams.

How Mom Hair as We Know it Came to Be

Cheryl Wischhover, Vox
The phrase “mom hair” first came to prominence in the ‘90s and continues to work its way into cultural conversations today. What is this mythical haircut, and is it really that awful? Vox breaks it down.

A Parenting Hack from Pocket
Raising kids can sometimes mean long nights sitting in the dark, whether you’re helping an infant fall asleep or waiting up for a teenager to get home. This is where dark mode comes in handy. Click “Text Settings” within any article in your Pocket and select the black circle. It’ll change your background to black and your text to white, making nighttime reading a whole lot easier on your eyes.