The Fight for Racial Equity, Justice and Black Lives

Systemic change—the real change that this moment deserves—begins with confronting anti-Black racism, amplifying and championing Black voices, and harnessing our collective energy to chart a path forward. To go deeper on these critical issues, explore these in-depth collections and recommended articles, curated in partnership with Black scholars, journalists, and writers.

What We’re Reading: The Fight for Racial Equity, Justice and Black Lives

Since demonstrations against anti-Black racism and police brutality began in late May, Pocket has recommended dozens of articles, essays, and interviews on the fight for racial justice and Black lives — from the history of anti-Black racism in America to reflections on Black resilience and remembrances of those lost. Below is a small sampling of these recommended reads.

When Black Digital Culture Gets Appropriated

When new memes, trends, and internet slang hit the mainstream, they are often the product of Black digital culture, which rarely gets proper credit.

The Bias Embedded in Algorithms

​Algorithms and the data that drive them are designed and created by people, which means those systems can carry biases based on who builds them and how they’re ultimately deployed. Safiya Umoja Noble, author of Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism, offers a curated reading list exploring how technology can replicate and reinforce racist and sexist beliefs, how that bias can affect everything from health outcomes to financial credit to criminal justice, and why data discrimination is a major 21st century challenge.

How Race Shapes Cities

Decades of discriminatory policy and planning decisions have kept many American urban centers segregated and inequitable. In this curated reading list, Fortune staff writer Aric Jenkins examines how race continues to shape the design and infrastructure of American cities—from public spaces to mass transit, housing to architecture—and considers solutions to help make cities more reflective of the people who live there.

Discover 8 Great Black Indie Publications

The need for independent media platforms and diverse voices in publishing is more important than ever. Culture journalist Natelegé Whaley spotlights eight digital and print publications that elevate the conversation about Black identity, culture, health, photography, LGBTQ perspectives, and more.

Esi Edugyan: Black Women I’m Reading

Esi Edugyan, the best-selling author of Washington Black and Half-Blood Blues, curates a collection of articles by Black women writers, about everything from the nature of empathy to exploring the Black experience within history and in the present moment – showing some of the many different ways we could be in the world.

Reimagining Justice: A Primer on Defunding the Police and Prison Abolition

As demonstrations against racial injustice and police misconduct sweep the U.S., activists and scholars calling for massive decreases to police spending and deep, structural changes to the prison system have suddenly gained mainstream attention. To better understand the arguments for ‘defunding the police’ and abolishing prisons, explore this list of essential reading curated by political scientist Megan Ming Francis.

Black Voices at the Mic: Great Podcasts on Love, Sci-Fi, and Radical Honesty

Must-listen podcasts from Black voices, curated by radio producer Bethel Habte.

How the Past Echoes in the Protests: A Historian’s Recommended Reads

In the weeks since the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and George Floyd, marches against racism and police brutality have swept the United States and cities around the world. To help make sense of this moment, award-winning historian Keisha N. Blain offers this curated collection of articles by black writers on the history of black protest, the legacy of state violence, and why these demonstrations might yet be different.

Beyond the KKK: Understanding White Supremacy as a System of Power

The phrase “white supremacy” is often invoked in reference to the Ku Klux Klan or white nationalist extremism, rather than as a system of power with long historical roots. Crystal Marie Fleming, author of How to Be Less Stupid About Race: On Racism, White Supremacy and the Racial Divide, offers a curated reading list examining how systemic racism has been deeply entrenched within our economic system, social and political institutions, public policies, and cultural symbols.

Extraordinary Long-Reads on Race & Anti-Black Racism

From the case for reparations to the front lines of Ferguson, these have been some of the most saved and read essays on race and anti-Black racism on Pocket over the years.

Anti-Racist Resources and Reading Lists

A curated collection of anti-racist reading lists and resource guides — with links to articles, books, films, and more — to better understand systemic racism and ways to confront and dismantle it.