11 Far-Out Stories About the Journey to Mars

Earth to Mars: We’re on our way. The July 30th launch of NASA’s Perseverance rover brings us one step closer to a better understanding of the Red Planet. Explore these 11 fascinating stories about the potential for life on Mars (past and present), the science of getting there, and the lore that inspires the journey.

Nasa’s New Mars Rover Is About to Embark on a Hunt for Ancient Alien Life

Loren Grush • The Verge

Perseverance’s biggest goal is to dig up samples to bring back to Earth one day.

3 Great Mysteries About Life on Mars

Becky Ferreira • The New York Times

How habitable was early Mars? Why did it become less hospitable? And could there be life there now?

Living Life at a Distance

Kate Greene • Slate

I spent four months pretending to live on Mars. Here’s what I learned about staying sane and passing time.

So Can We Terraform Mars or Not?

Brian Gallagher • Nautilus

Elon Musk wants to engineer Mars’ atmosphere. Can he?

George RR Martin: Our Long Obsession With Mars

George RR Martin • The Guardian

The author behind Game of Thrones spent his childhood reading stories about Mars and hoping to write one himself. As new discoveries on the red planet capture the world’s attention, he surveys a rich Martian literature.

The Astronomer Who Believed There Was an Alien Utopia on Mars

Sarah Stewart Johnson • OneZero

Percival Lowell’s dogged belief helped bring Mars science to 19th century America.

When a Mars Simulation Goes Wrong

Marina Koren • The Atlantic

A mission atop a Hawaiian volcano shows humans still have much to learn before they set foot on another world.

The Doctor From Nazi Germany and the Search for Life on Mars

Sarah Scoles • The New York Times

Astrobiologists have used Mars Jars for decades. Many didn’t know about the controversial Air Force scientist who started them.

Mars Madness

Alina Simone • California Sunday Magazine

The DIY explorers who dream of a 35-million-mile trek.

Forget Mars. Here’s Where We Should Build Our First Off-World Colonies

David Warmflash • Discover

Is the Red Planet really the best target for a human colony?

Everything About Mars Is The Worst

Rebecca Boyle • FiveThirtyEight

But this jerk planet is still humanity’s best hope for another home in the cosmos.

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