11 Far-Out Stories About the Journey to Mars

Earth to Mars: We’re on our way. The July 30th launch of NASA’s Perseverance rover brings us one step closer to a better understanding of the Red Planet. Explore these 11 fascinating stories about the potential for life on Mars (past and present), the science of getting there, and the lore that inspires the journey.

Living Life at a Distance

Kate Greene • Slate

I spent four months pretending to live on Mars. Here’s what I learned about staying sane and passing time.

George RR Martin: Our Long Obsession With Mars

George RR Martin • The Guardian

The author behind Game of Thrones spent his childhood reading stories about Mars and hoping to write one himself. As new discoveries on the red planet capture the world’s attention, he surveys a rich Martian literature.

Mars Madness

Alina Simone • California Sunday Magazine

The DIY explorers who dream of a 35-million-mile trek.

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