Version 1.2 Delayed Due to Icon Rejection

listRead It Later for the iPhone version 1.2 (changes listed here) was just rejected by the Apple App Store review process because:

The refresh button is to be used to Refresh contents.  Implementing standard buttons to perform other tasks will lead to user confusion.  We recommend using a custom icon.

The icon in question however, does exactly that, it refreshes.  When the user taps the icon, it refreshes the users reading list.  This same icon is used by many apps that do similar functions, including rss readers, and other offline readers.  Additionally, this icon has been used by the app since version 1.0 and version 1.1 and was accepted without question.

I have sent a follow up email to Apple requesting they re-review this, but if experience tells me anything, it means I will have to resubmit and we will have to wait another week before version 1.2 is released.

Sorry about this guys, I will keep you posted.