Version 1.2 is Finally Out!

Version 1.2 of the iPhone app is finally available.  After the rejection shenanigans, it looks like Apple took a faster look (than the normal 7 days), so despite the first problem, I’m very pleased about that.

Here is what is new in this version:

Download Speeds are Now 2x-10x Faster

The speed of downloading articles is probably getting very close to the speed limit of the device.   Text downloads are about 10x faster and depending on the content, full web view downloads are 2x-10x faster.

text-newNew Text View

I invested a lot of time rewriting a new text stripping script and it’s 9540804303 times better.  In addition to it doing a better job at finding the text on a webpage, I’ve given it two different renders: ‘Less’ and ‘More’. ‘Less’ will show you just the article text and ‘More’ will show you other page elements like comments.  Between these two views I have not found a site in my testing that did not work in text view.

Better Web View Compatibility

The new offline download engine handles the full web view much better as well.  You’ll find that pretty much every website should look exactly the way it does in the online version.

Auto Updating Titles

If you use apps like Twittelator Pro or Feeds that allow you to save links to your reading list, you would have noticed it shows up as just a link in list.  Now, in version 1.2, during syncing, RIL will fetch the real titles from the links and replace them.

Promo Codes:

If you’re lucky/fast, one of these promo codes may get you a free copy of Read It Later Pro (if someone doesn’t use it before you!):


You can enter a promo code in iTunes on the App Store page, click the ‘Redeem’ link on the right side.