Add Read It Later to Google Reader’s Send To Dropdown – Updated

picture-53Google Reader recently added a ‘Send To’ dropdown that lets you share items on various services.

The Google Reader integration provided by the Read It Later Firefox add-on has been one of the most used features.  However, the new addition to Google Reader gives you the opportunity to have more native support for RIL inside Google Reader even without the add-on.  This extends support to other users not using Firefox (or the add-on).

Here is a way to you can add Read It Later manually yourself:

1. Open the send to settings page in Google Reader:

2. Click the ‘Create Custom Link’ button near the bottom

3. Enter the following in the fields:

Name: Read It Later
Icon Url:


4. Test it out, open an item in Google Reader, click ‘Send To’ at the bottom of the article, and select ‘Read It Later’.

If you’d like to see native integration without these steps, you can voice your opinion on Google Reader suggested Send To Links page.