Read It Later Support Added to Yummy ( iPhone Client)

picture-52Save to Read It Later has been added to Yummy, a iPhone client for Delicious.

Yummy lets you synchronizes all of your Delicious bookmarks to your iPhone.  The app then lets you browse, search, edit, and delete them.

With the latest version (2.3), you can now push bookmarks directly into Read It Later.  Using Yummy along with Read It Later Pro‘s  ability to share items to Delicious, can give you a full 2 way street between RIL & Delicious on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Yummy 2.3 is available in the app store in both free and paid flavors (RIL support is only in the paid version).

Yummy is able to save to Read It Later using the Read It Later Open API which lets any developer make Read It Later applications.