What’s New in RIL for iPhone v2.1

So obviously the big news is that version 2.1 brings native support to the iPad.  However, version 2.1 brings a number of important updates for iPhone users as well.

Digest Support

2.1 brings initial support for Digest.  If you are a Digest user, you’ll have a new option appear within the app that allows you to navigate through your topics the same way you do with tags.  You can also edit/create topics directly from within the app.  If you are not a Digest user, you can check it out here.

Embedded Media in Text View

If you are a Digest user, your text view will now include the main image from each post.  If the article contains an embedded video, this will appear as well.  You no longer have to switch back to the web view to find any videos or other media.

New Share Menu in Free

Read It Later Free now includes a share menu with the option to open articles in Safari.  For additional share options (Twitter, Email, Facebook, and a lot more), check out Read It Later Pro.

Updated Fullscreen Viewer

The fullscreen viewer in Read It Later Pro has been redone.  You can tap any corner to bring the controls back up (instead of that tiny little button that used to be there).  In addition, I’ve eliminated the lag that used to exist when bringing the controls back on longer pages.

Support to Select/Copy Text

The text view now supports selecting and copying text.

User Agent Option

In the advanced options you can select which type of content RIL should download when downloading the complete web page.  If you’d like RIL to attempt to download the mobile/iphone versions of pages, flip this new option on.

Lots of Improvements and Bug Fixes

– The text scroll position was not being saved in some instances
– Several improvements to the complete web view download accuracy
– Speed improvements and minor bugs