Read It Later for Firefox 2.1 Beta

If you are using the Read It Later Firefox extension, I’d love your help in testing an upcoming version of the add-on.

In preparing for the upcoming Firefox 4 release, I had to make a number of big changes to the extension’s backend.  From the user perspective, nothing new should have changed. This is what I’d like help testing.

Even if you are not using the Firefox 4 betas (and are still on 3.5 or 3.6), I could still use your help.  Just install the beta (linked below) and make sure that no functionality has broken or degraded.


How to Install

  1. Download: Read It Later for Firefox 2.1.0b7
  2. From the Firefox menu: File -> Open File
  3. Select the downloaded file (from step 1)
  4. Follow instructions to install

What Changed

  • Support for Firefox 4.0 Beta
  • Replaced text view with new Article View (text only, images are coming in the 3.0 update)
  • Replaced threading with web workers
  • Drag-drop support in Panorama (FFb5 – FFb7 required)
  • Faster start-up speed


Please report any problems that you run into at Read It Later Support.  Be sure to say you are using the beta.