Read It Later for Android 1.1

Thank you all for the tremendous response to our Android app so far.  Since our launch last month, Read It Later has remained steady as the #1 paid news app!

Today we are releasing version 1.1.  It brings a ton of enhancements under the hood in addition to a few new features.

We’ve got an exciting roadmap for RIL on Android with a number of big updates lined up for the near future.  Stay tuned!

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Login Support

You can now access subscriber-based content from Read It Later.  For example, if you are a NYTimes or Wall Street Journal subscriber, you can login to your accounts and RIL will use the accounts when downloading your content for offline reading.

To manage your site accounts and subscriptions, open the new account manager in the options screen.  Then simply select the sites you have accounts for, enter your account information and voilà, you’ll be able to access your content in Read It Later, even offline.  There are no limits to where/how you can save your content.  You can continue to save with the bookmarklet, extensions, and through third-party Twitter or news apps.


Volume Rocker Scrolling

As in many popular Android web browsers, you can now use the volume control to scroll in the Reader view.  Push once to page up or down.  Push and hold to jump to the top or bottom of an article.

You can enable this feature in the advanced settings screen.


What Else is New:

  • Ability to edit account (username, password, and email) within the app.
  • Improved support for non-English languages/encodings (more improvements coming soon).


  • Changed the appearance of the night mode button to be more clear.
  • A bug where viewing the Article View of certain pages caused high CPU usage.
  • A bug where the scroll position would jump when switching from another app.
  • A bug where background syncing was sometimes not occurring automatically.
  • A bug where some links would not open properly when clicked on.
  • Some cases where the hard search button did not open search.
  • Resolved a number of crashes, bugs, and minor issues.