Pocket’s Most-Saved Videos: Vice on Pakistan, vintage coffee, and Steve Carell’s advice to grads

Every week: A handpicked collection of the most popular videos saved in Pocket. Enjoy!

1. “VICE Guide to Karachi: Pakistan’s Most Violent City” (6:54)

The first of Vice’s five-part series from inside Pakistan:

2. “This Is Coffee” (12:32)

Via Open Culture and Devour, a 1961 film from the Coffee Brewing Institute:

3. “What’s This? A Beer?” (3:47)

A musical ode to turning 21, inspired by Danny Elfman and The Nightmare Before Christmas:

4. “The Girl and the Fox” (5:31)

A 9-year-old girl, whose family is starving, has a run-in with a fox that’s killing their livestock:

5. “Steve Carell’s Message to Princeton Grads” (14:51)

The Office star’s message to young people: Getting shot down by women in person, rather than via text message, helps build character:

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